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       Schatzi with Sherman

My husband and I adopted Schatzi from Marshall County Humane Society in March, 2017. We were looking for a companion for our Puggle, Sherman. He had been depressed since his friend (our other dog) Taft got cancer and died the previous September. Since Schatzi joined our family, Sherman has been a much happier dog. They get along very well, and it seems they often plot together to take over the bed or the sofa. Thank you to Marshall County Humane Society for taking the time to let us adopt from out of state. Schatzi is the perfect addition to our family.

Sincerely  ,Sylvia Rowe and Josh Russell 



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I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to grow our family, and to become a mother to yet another creature. Thank you to the Homeward Bound Project of Mississippi for saving this special guy, and to the SPCA of Westchester NY & Marshall co. Humane Society for bringing him into our life. Welcome to our family Bingo, you are so loved already.  Thank you for all your work saving lives. Here are some pics for you, thank you and hi from Bingo! (formerly Bling)
All the best, Georgina Bloomberg

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