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Marshall County Humane Society

~~We are the Marshall County Humane Society located in Holly Springs, MS, a non-profit organization made up of a small but very active and dedicated group of volunteers. Our goals are to educate people on responsible pet ownership and to reduce the homeless pet population through adoptions and spay/neuter. Come and join us at our monthly meeting held on the third Thursday of every month. Call 662-564-2900 for meeting times and location.

~~MCHS is a low kill shelter taking in dogs and cats,  which are abandoned, neglected or abused. We only euthanize if an animal has an untreatable condition or if they show aggression.  The group started a comprehensive spay-neuter program in 1998 realizing this was the most effective animal population control. Since then, the group has spayed or neutered over 11,000 animals.  We are currently recommending since our veterinarian has been out on medical leave.
This all-volunteer organization has an unpaid staff and exists solely on donations and fundraisers.  In 2004 three acres were purchased near Holly Springs, MS and an adoption center was built. It is basic but adequate to house the animals awaiting adoption, but still not completely finished.  The animals are cared for at the adoption center or in foster homes. Since this is a low kill shelter some dogs live there for several years or never get adopted.

The Humane Shelter participates in the "Homeward Bound" program in which shelter dogs from MS are sent to northeastern shelters that don't have many available adoptable pets.  These states have very strict leash and spay/neuter laws which have greatly reduced the homeless pet population so they have few adoptable animals available.  The "Homeward Bound" program was organized by the MS State University College of Veterinary Medicine students. Animals chosen for this program undergo strict medical screening and procedures for several weeks to prevent and monitor for disease and other conditions which might render them unsuitable for the program.  It costs about $125 per dog for the medical requirements plus foster care to put them into the program. We get $25 reimbursement for each dog taken, so we love getting donations to help with this great program.
We are currently working on a plan to complete our Adoption Center, which will include a medical service area.  Ongoing fundraisers will be needed to cover this cost. Donations may be mailed to Marshall County Humane Society, P.O. Box 625, Holly Springs, MS 38635.  To inquire about adoptions, call 662-564-2900 or e-mail

  Our available animals for adoption are listed on and, plus several other sites. And we are always in need of volunteers so contact us at the above number if you would like to donate a little of your time. Our volunteers are very important to us to continue the program. 







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