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Most of the dogs we have taken in the last few years have had medical issues. Several have had heartworms which we treat for several months so they are with us longer. Others have had multiple medical problems that have required surgeries and extended treatment.  Since we are all volunteer, we don’t have regular marketing people or fundraising experts so  we are asking that anyone who can donate to us put us in their plan for end of year giving.   We do understand that lots of people in our community are struggling with after effects of the pandemic.  If you are unable to help us with donations, that’s fine.  Just send us photos of your pets and we’ll post them on Facebook.   At least, those always give us all a smile and we all could use more of that these days.  But if you can donate, any amount is very much appreciated. 

Marshall County Humane Society

W e’ve saved lots of animals and this will help us to save even more!! Our animals thank you!



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