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Message From: Cookie standley April 23, 2018
Just made a small donation to help you in your work. You made our lives richer by rescuing our sweet Lulu. Words can’t express my admiration for what you do. Hi to Janine and thank her again. God bless all creatures great and small.

Message From: Christianne April 18, 2018
MCHS is a great and very dedicated group that cares deeply for all of the 'kids'. They are an inspiring family with lots of love for all of the animals.

Message From: Delilah Grey April 13, 2018
Rescue Dogs Rock!

Message From: Ann Snell April 13, 2018
MCHS has awesome volunteers!

Message From: Franco Kahrs March 21, 2018
We love our animals. Thank you MCHS for saving animals.

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